Cast and Crew

Pete Pete Garlock (Actor) plays “The Guy” (Greg Clemland) in the film “Dark before Dawn.” Pete has appeared in a number of recent films shot in Chicago, including “Fred Claus,” “The Dark Knight,” “Public Enemies” and “Contagion,” and appeared in the pilot for the Fox television show “The Chicago Code.” “I am thrilled to be a part of this ground-breaking production, and excited to show the world the beauty of my town of Elgin, Illinois!”
Amy Amy Karen (Actor) is an aspiring actress who snagged the role of Charlotte in the film “Dark Before Dawn.” She is currently studying at Acting Studio Chicago and is super stoked to finally be working with Pete Garlock!
AJ AJ (The Shady Dude) “Dark Before Dawn” is AJ’s film debut. He was discovered to become the cinematic icon than you see in this film when the production crew was preparing to shoot a scene that required a “shady dude” character that they had not cast. Enter AJ, a tenant of a nearby building and dressed in a hoodie: “Hey, are you shooting a movie? Need any extras?” he asked. The rest, as they say, is history.
Gwydhar Gwydhar (Director/Producer) is a Chicago based filmmaker who has a day job in the city. She rides the train a lot. A lot. She is also a champion nap-taker. You can probably guess where the premise for “Dark Before Dawn” came from. Always looking for a new way of doing things the low budget “mumblecore” style appealed to her inherent sense of tightwaddery and let her draw from her theatre roots to direct the actors improvising each scene.
Art Arthur Bratton (Editor/Camera A) was born with Carl Zeiss eyes and XDCAM memory cards for a brain. “Dark before Dawn” is only the second production that Arthur has done with Blue Damen Pictures but it is likely the dawn of a new era in cinematic history. Hold on to your ‘nickers as Arthur blows your mind with his epic power zooms and rack focuses. Roger Ebert gives it two thumbs up, hell, even Gene Siskel gives it two thumbs up from the great beyond. Does anyone else smell that?!?!?! Smells like an Oscar! Boom!
Danellyn Danellyn (Director of Photography/Producer) has spent a lot of time behind a camera, but this is the first time he has tried shooting a moving target. He doesn’t think he did too badly either considering that it was all done in the dark. It was hard work, but it makes him appreciate his comfy computer chair even more when he gets back to his job as King of Blue Damen Pictures’ website and other technology.
Daniel Daniel Vendt (Composer/Sound Engineer/Producer) is the post-production guru for Blue Damen Pictures, bringing a wide array of film and television experience to the team.  His main contributions to “Dark Before Dawn” include location sound, sound mixing, and composing the score for the film.  A 2005 graduate of Illinois Wesleyan, Daniel currently resides in Los Angeles, where he routinely works on numerous productions.  Recent credits include the indie film The Virgin Guadalupe and the hit ABC TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
Susan Susan Bratton (Production Assistant) is somewhere between a production intern and production manager for Blue Damen. She has helped out with a number of Blue Damen films including “Mattress World” and “Rent A Date”, but is very excited to be more involved with “Dark Before Dawn”! Susan is currently studying Music Arts Administration at Butler University in Indianapolis.
Greg Greg Jeszka (Security) is a Jack-of-all-trades who has in the past provided set/prop/special effects design & construction for Blue Damen Pictures and Addison Community Theatre. He presently finds relief from his regular job at True Value Co. by spending weekends selling swords for Sabersmith at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. He is most pleased to have added “Site Security” for Blue Damen’s latest project to his ever growing resume and to have once again been a part of a soon to be awesome Blue Damen film.
Jamie Jamie Kang (Intern) is a graphic design intern with Blue Damen Pictures and is working on the promotional material for “Dark Before Dawn”. She graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2011. She is excited to be a part of this project and to learn about the film making process.
Mike Michael Parsons (Security) is an alumnus of Columbia College of Chicago,and Southern Illinois University’s schools of cinema and photography. He has worked on several music videos for Bands such as “Project .44″, “worm”, “The Back Yard”, and 2010′s American Idol Winner, “Lee DeWyze”. He has Been involved in various capacities on films such as “it Itches it Burns it kills”, “Ring Tones Gone Bad”, as well as Blue Damen’s; “Snakes in a Bar”, “Persephone”, “The Visonary”, and “Mattress World”. “I am glad to be a part of a talented, and dedicated group of filmmakers from the Chicago area, and excited to be Assisting on “Dark Before Dawn”
Taylor Taylor Washington is the production assistant intern for Blue Damen Pictures. She has assisted the director, actors, camera and sound personnel in the making of “Dark Before Dawn”. She is a rising junior at Illinois Wesleyan University. “I am very proud of being a part of the production of this film from beginning to end, and I hope to participate In more exciting adventures such as this one”.
Don Don Hoke (Security III) In the middle of production the crew of “Dark Before Dawn” took a break to help support the Elgin Short Film Festival. While promoting our production in the lobby during intermission we were approached by one Don Hoke, local of Elgin, theatre technician, and (as we hear) can cut a rug as a square dancer. It just so happened we were looking for an extra hand to help us with security on an upcoming shoot and suddenly there was Don.
Scott Scott Beattie (Camera Operator) Scott is a few mere months away from completing his degree in filmmaking at Columbia College in Chicago where he specializes in set construction- but don’t let that fool you! It turns out he is also pretty handy with a camera. Scott “Steadyhands” Beattie began working with Blue Damen Pictures on the final shoot for “Dark Before Dawn” when our other go-to camera operator was unavailable. He is considering joining the Blue Damen Pictures team on a more permanent basis in 2012.

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